Good Influences on Studying


Samuel Haddad, Staffer

Good habits and a good environment are very important whenever it comes to studying. Students should know some of the better ways that students and teachers choose to study.

There are many ways a student can study. The way students choose to study and the way teachers choose to study can be a good influence on how you choose to attack it. Sophomore Katlyen Hazen likes to go over her notes many times before she decides she’s mastered the material.

“If it’s term and vocab, I use note cards or flash cards, and if not then I just rewrite my notes a bunch of times,” Hazen said.

The key to quality studying is a comfortable environment with little distractions. Studies have shown that the environment you study in is very important when it comes to making sure it is a quality session. Hazen describes the key environment for her to study.

“Usually in my room” Hazen said, “in quiet places.”

Sometimes the thing that prevents students from studying is the lack of motivation. Keeping yourself motivated is very important to get quality studying done. English teacher Carrisa Bartel tells us how she helps herself stay motivated.

“I use a reward system on myself. If I hit a certain goal then I give myself 5 minutes of free time to do what I want like, look at my phone or go outside or something.” Bartel said.

Distractions also prevent students from getting enough studying done to understand their subjects. A major distraction that students deal with are their cell phones. Sophomore Celeste Swatek explains how she limits the use of her phone while doing school work.

“I try not to use my phone and I will usually like have music in the background somewhere, so I use my record player a lot.” Swatek said.

It takes time for students to figure out what ways of studying work the best for them. There are many different ways to study like flashcards, reviewing notes, memorization games, and by trying out all the different options people can figure out what is most helpful to them. Bartel gives some helpful tips on where students should start if they are struggling with studying.

“I think they should know the way that they learn the best, so that they can work from that. They should also know how to decide which is the more important things to work on first.” Bartel said.

If you are having trouble figuring out the best way you study, then you should experiment with different ways to study. Bartel discusses how she used to study and how it helped her towards success.

“Writing things down, like writing notes, even if I never looked over them it still helped. I used to write down the really important notes on sticky notes so that I could use them later. I would always quiz myself with post it notes to see if I could get the right answers,” Bartel said.

To master a skill or fully understand a topic, a student needs to study quite a bit, so dividing that time into tiny chunks can be helpful to students. Swatek says how long she tries to study to be ready for her classes.

“Like an hour every day probably,” Swatek said.

Mastering the way you study can include figuring out the best way to study and finding the perfect environment. Students can study efficiently by making sure the environment is comfortable to the student, studying the material the way that works best for them, staying motivated, and not getting distracted.