Journalism Program Earns Top State Honors!


Journalism, publications and yearbook students attended Missouri Interscholastic Journalism Association’s J-Day at the University of Missouri.

The key note speaker was Channel 5 news director Art Holliday, and students met with other professional journalists in breakout sessions.

Students also received overall critiques and individual awards.

Individual awards for Raymore Peculiar High School students included Best of Shows for Preslie May and Ava Kirkpatrick for Yearbook Specialty Design, and Becky Philips for Sports Feature/Reaction Photo.

Superior ratings were earned by Ava Kirkpatrick for Yearbook Club/Organizations Package, Jackson Mallory for Student Life/Organization Photo, and Stephanie Aguilar for Yearbook Mods.

Excellent ratings went to Ava Kirkpatrick for Yearbook Sports Package and Student Life/Organization Photo.

Honorable Mentions were awarded to Ava Kirkpatrick for Yearbook Design and Sports Photo, Izabella Martin and Audrey Mitchellfor Online Editorial/Op-Ed Package, Jackson Mallory for Online Feature Package, Aidan Hill and Preslie May for Yearbook Mods, and Stephanie Aguilar for Portrait Photography.