The Bowling Club has started up and keeps on growing


Addison Reynolds, Staffer

The Bowling Club has a lot of new activities coming up. They are bringing the club team to the table while managing the recent covid outbreak. Many people have decided to try the club out this year. The club was introduced at the beginning of the year at the club fair. Brenda Tilawen is the head of the Bowling Club stated a Large number of kids joined the club.

“Around 50 students signed up for the club. That’s enough for multiple teams” said Tilawen.

With Covid, it has been harder for the Bowling Club to start up as soon as it planned back in late November. Sign-ups were in the middle of September but the rookie club team has not been able to start up. The club aims to start up very soon.

“The club has started later than planned since there is an increase in covid. We are hopefully looking to start the club the first week of February” Said Tilawen.

With the club start date approaching, students have many different ways they are preparing for the club. They are going to be focusing on many different aspects of the club. They will be working on many different Bowling skills and having social time with friends and the club. Hannah Rayburn, a freshman in the rookie club league is excited about many things in the club.

“I am excited to branch out and be social with new people while practicing my Bowling skills,” said Rayburn.

The club will be working on many Bowling skills this season. They will work on sharpening their skills so they can prepare for upcoming events the team will be participating in.

“We will be picking up spares, swing work, and just the overall technique. It really takes a lot of athleticism and work,” said Tilawen.

The club will participate in various tournaments. The club will be working on training for these tournaments in hopes they will succeed.

“We will do a tournament once a month until the end of the year,” said Tilawen.

The tournaments will require some training that the club will provide. The team will be doing a lot of practice in preparation for the tournaments. The tournaments are a very important aspect of the club.
Paxtynne Pritchett, a freshman is ready to give Bowling her all.

“I am hoping to stay out of the gutter and try hard to get some good swings and strikes this season, ” said Pritchett.

The Bowling Club has different types of teams. They have the rookie club league which is more refined. The other league is the advanced league that competes more and has already started.

“The rookie club team is just recreational while the advanced league works on skills more and the rookie league is more social-oriented,” said Tilawen.

The club is a good way to get out after a long week of school and have some fun. During practice, the team bowls while having social time as they rent lanes out at Aaron’s Family Fun Center in Belton.

“The club will be a new way for me to get out and unwind after school with friends,” said Pritchett.

The rookie club will be an interesting and new way to be social while mixing in some physical activity.

“The Bowling Club will be a great way for me to really put myself out there while focusing on something new,” said Rayburn.

The club will hopefully be starting next week on Friday, February. Covid could possibly push the date back but the club will aim to start then. The practices will be held Friday at Aaron’s Family Center in Belton. The practices will start at 4:00-6:00 Pm. Students will need to contact Brenda Tilawen for more information about reserving lanes.

“I’m looking forward to the responsibility and new hobby that the Bowling Club will bring,” said Rayburn