Courtwarming Spirit Week


Izzy Martin, Staffer

Spirit weeks, the one week where all the eccentric, crazy, and humorous ideas get brought to life. From a canoe for a backpack to a dinosaur walking through the halls. Spirit week helps to ramp students up for big events like dances and basketball games.
Senior and Student Senate President Aidan Martel touches on the importance of spirit weeks within the high school,
“I think they are a lot of fun. They kinda get people in the right headspace and mood to have a good weekend at court warming and get people pumped for the game,” said Martel
This week’s spirit week is especially important because it is all student-oriented, students voted to get the themes that they wanted which are starting to change the standards of spirit weeks throughout the school year.
Student Senate Sponsor Ashleigh Easton says,
“They have become more student-oriented to what the student body wants. So less of, I guess simple things like crazy sock day. Now, this week has been voted on by the student body like they all got that choice. So it’s very much for them by them
Student involvement is what makes spirit weeks as exciting as they are. More participation is needed and those who participate have lots of fun with it. These bizarre concepts help to shape the premise of spirit week. All grades should participate in spirit week themes. Freshman Gia Davies says,
“I think the seniors do it well because it’s their last year, I think the freshmen do it alright because it’s their first year so they try their best. I barely see any sophomores and juniors participate,” said Davies
Every student has a designated day of spirit week that they are looking forward to the most. For many, it would be the highly-anticipated Anything But a Backpack Day.
“Anything but a backpack day, We wanted to do that one last time but we needed to get district approval so now we are doing it and I’m very intrigued to see what people will be using instead of a backpack.” says Martel
While students get the constant laughs from spirit week they also find a way to create great connections and relationships. Spirit weeks help to create a sense of healthy competition to see who’s costume or backpack might be talked about the most.
“Spirit weeks are a really cool way for students to make connections not only with each other but the school. It builds a big community and it’s usually just a lot of fun,” said Easton
Spirit weeks as a whole help to create a sense of community within schools. Students get the chance to bond and build up anticipation for the many dances and celebrations that are included in the week. Spirit weeks create long-lasting memories and begin to create a sense of comedy for all those who participate.