‘A Second Chance’

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Chance’s story

'Real Life Church'

Ever since I was born till I was 5 years old I was very poor. My biological mom was involved with drugs and alcohol while my step dad was also involved both with drugs, alcohol, and was very abusive. One day my bio mom and step dad got in a very violent fight and after the fighting had stopped my mother and I were kicked out and became homeless. For a while we traveled all over and ended up living in a abandoned school building. That was when my life started to fall apart. I had somehow gotten to go to school in Springfield and I remember we were going over our ABC’s, when a raspy voice came over the intercom asking for me to go to the front office where I was confronted by a social worker and a police officer. I was bombarded with questions which ended me up in foster care. That had started the chain reaction of  going through foster homes. Even at such a young age I had understood what was happening and I was a little boy learning to much about the world way to fast. I was eventually adopted by my fantastic parents and in 7th grade I had committed to wanting to do a service project to helping the people in the same situation I was in. In 8th grade I had finally gotten my project off the ground when my pastor had agreed to help me. With my church I had collected 103 care packages in the forms of backpacks and boxes. I had then finally gotten approved by my middle school to start A Second Chance; the projects name, and from there I collected another 154 care packages. I had been inspired by myself to want to help others but also by the people that are going through bad situations. I wanted to show others that there is still good in the USA and it can come from anyone. Also that you don’t have to have a ton of money to change others lives and share hope or I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing, you just have to have a big heart and ambition. Some people have been so focused on helping people across seas that we had overlooked others in our own community. I have got to learn so many peoples story becoming homeless, from veterans who had no family to go too, being broke, and losing everything due to drugs and useless spending. After all of the stuff that I have learned I am wanting to continue my project but also expand it by making a food pantry and a blanket and pillow donation for these poor people, especially during winter times when homeless people are outside and have no warmth with the frigid weather. I have gotten to share my story and influence others to help the people around me and give inspiration and I would like to continue doing what I am doing.

A Second Chance

Mission Statement:

Helping the less fortunate people in our community get started on their second chance in life. It is giving them a feeling that there is people who care and want to help change the situation they’re in and to give hope and inspiration.

What to do: Pack a backpack or small box full of things of the provided list, or any type of thing that you think a less fortunate or homeless person might want need. (Any amount of donations allowed.)

Drop off: The front office at Raymore-Peculiar High School (students bring theres to their teachers .)

Supplies for A Second Chance box include: Individual supplies donated are okay.

Giving without expecting anything in return (even a Thank You) is unconditional kindness…Everything else is ego”

— Unknown








Germ X


Wash Cloth

Small 1st aid kit

Lotion bottle




Small water bottle





Small Crafts

Stuffed Animal

Small toy(for Children)


A Second Chance slide

Project by: Chance Embry and Colbey Stoseberg