Participate in the Plunge


Jaidyn St Peter

The polar Plunge is a massive part of each school year. Many people from all around Missouri and other states participate in the Polar Plunge. Doing the plunge can also be entertaining and it is a great way to raise money for Special Olympics.
Special Olympics sponsor, Cara Hornbeck, explains what Polar Plunge is doing in the community.
“To raise money for Special Olympics for programs in the State for our athletes,” said Hornbeck.
Anyone can participate in the Polar Plunge. There are many Polar Plunges around the United States. There are a lot of schools, businesses, and many others participating in the plunge. Student Senate sponsor Jeff Moore explains who can do the plunge.
“Mostly Student Senate, but anyone is invited to join us- students and staff,” said Moore.
There are many things about the Polar Plunge that everyone loves. They could love the adrenaline of running into the cold water or just being around people for the plunge. Student body president senior Dawson Jones explains the best part.
“I liked the adrenaline of going into the freezing water,” said Jones.
Getting together as a group for the Polar Plunge can be fun for some people. Being together in the cold as a group has its perks. There is a big group to enjoy at the Polar Plunge. The best part of the Polar Plunge can be many things.
“Hanging out with students and staff that have a lot of spirit for RayPec and want to make a difference in society,” said Moore.
Everyone gets excited about the Polar Plunge. They get excited about running into the water or just doing it for the Special Olympics.
“Getting together with everyone and the excitement of the jump,” said Hornbeck.
There are so many reasons people do the Polar Plunge. People like doing the plunge for the Special Olympics of Missouri. People do the plunge because of how important it is to people.
“The Polar Plunge is to raise awareness for the Special Olympics of Missouri,” said Jones.
The Polar Plunge has been going on for many years. Some people have done the Polar Plunge since it started.
“Since the first year – 2005,” said Hornbeck.
The Polar Plunge is such a big part of the school community. By doing the Polar Plunge, so much money is raised for Special Olympics around Missouri.