More Than a Team

Many make their marks academically, but some of the biggest marks are made by sports teams. Many people can relate to being part of a sports team, but how many can leave the season with memories and bonds that leave a permanent mark? During the sports season, bonds are a viable part of making the team better. Without bonds, communication and comfort can be disrupted.
Without a support system within the team, results may be flawed. Many teammates crave affirmation from coaches and students. Their validation and motivation usually means the most to a student athlete. Getting to know teammates and understanding them is viable. Junior Judith Burke explains why hearing from her teammates during races impacts her.
¨Whenever I am swimming, I pay the most attention to my teammates. I listen to how they cheer and they motivate me to push through my event¨ said Burke.
Many teams struggle with communication and bonding. There are many ways to prevent this and help the team work together and communicate better. This can include spending time together away from the sport. Bonding and learning communication can help a team thrive and excite swimmers. Sophomore Annie Delgado recalls what helped her become close with her team.
¨Before we were all close, I did not enjoy practice at all. After a while, the team started going out to dinners after practice and I made bonds I will never forget about. I was finally excited to go to practice¨ said Delgado.
Many coaches can relate to wanting their team to be able to bond and be comfortable around each other. Coaches use methods such as team dinners and team building exercises to promote this. Coaches care about each teammate individually and watch out for every person on the team, Making it not just about competition. Head Ray-Pec girls swim Coach Micheala Parisi discusses her opinion on the matter.
¨It is so much more than a practice and then a competition, making sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying the season and making memories is what it is really about¨ said Parisi.
It is much more than a sport. It is not about competition, it is not about practice. It is about building a sense of a community within the team. Many people stray away from the true meaning of a sport. It is important to remember that a team is so much more than the word sport.