All In This Together


Becky Philips

In every sport, you build a bond like no other. The girl’s swim team knows everything about creating bonds within their sport. Many of these girls have been swimming together throughout high school or their lives.
Junior Mandy Butscher talks about how it’s been growing up with her fellow swimmers.
“Growing up with the other swimmers has been absolutely amazing and I’m so glad that I had that chance. I love all of the other girls that I grew up with and I see as my older sisters, especially with Michelle, I feel like I have to take care of her since I’m older and her sister is leaving. But, in general, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to grow up with amazing people and swimmers,” said Butscher.
With all this time spent together, they are able to make unforgettable memories. In and out of the water, these girls go out for team dinners, meets, conferences, and even state. Senior Michaela Duran talks about how much time she spends with this team.
“I love the quality time that I spent with the girls because it makes celebrating our successes that much more meaningful. I just loved knowing that they were proud of the hard work I put in and I’m even proud of them for how hard they pushed themselves to do their absolute best,” said Duran.
Even though some of the girls only met each other during the high school season, Junior Judith Burke explains how close she got with her fellow swimmers just in a short amount of time has impacted her.
“Being a part of the team for the past three years has opened me up to so many new experiences and lifelong friendships that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I feel so welcomed and it really gave me a safe and loving environment to grow and thrive during some of the hardest times of my life. The community this team brings is undeniable, it makes me the happiest version of myself, has given me a sense of belonging in my team and I wouldn’t trade that for the world,” said Burke.
Coming into the varsity as a freshman and being close with all the upperclassmen makes swimming much more enjoyable. Especially when your sister is one of them, freshman Michelle Duran talks about how swimming with her sister has brought her closer to her and how it will change when she’s gone.
“Swimming with Michaela has really brought us closer by giving us an environment where we have to push each other to not only do our best but to also get up early and work hard. When she’s gone it is really gonna be different because I won’t have anyone so close to me that is willing to push me so I have to learn how to push myself without her,” said Duran.
From being able to swim to losing her senior season, Senior Ellie Martin still showed up and showed out for her teammates. Martin talks about why she continued to be there even with her injury.
“I showed up for my team because it’s been my second family for the last 4 years. It has basically given me a home away from home,” said Martin.
Being the senior’s last year together with their team, being able to look back at all the memories they made with one another. Senior Emma Stanley tells what she will miss most about her team.
“I’m going to miss the family that we have built. It was never easy, but I’m proud of everyone and how far they’ve come, and that’s what I’ll miss. I’m especially going to miss Mandy Butscher, who I’ve watched grow into an incredible athlete and person since I’ve met her,” said Stanley.
With all the ups and downs, this team has grown with each other through it all. All the laughs and tears they shared in and out of the pool will turn into lifelong memories they will never forget.