Playing for a Cause


Preslie May

Breast cancer awareness month runs through the entire month of October. Each year, the volleyball organization dedicates a game to breast cancer awareness, supporting and acknowledging women and men who have fought for their lives.

Sophomore, Mikayla Chick, acknowledges the meaning behind dedicating a game to breast cancer awareness.

¨It raises money for breast cancer associations to help people who are currently fighting breast cancer. The people who have had breast cancer in the past can feel supported since we have a set game just to recognize them,¨ said Chick.

For some, like Junior, Sophia Dial, the breast cancer awareness game hits close to home.

¨For me, it is a very touchy subject. My stepmom had breast cancer for quite a few years,¨ said Dial.

Playing for such a meaningful cause has an impact on the players.

¨I feel like because it is such an important cause, it makes me want to play the best I can,¨ said Chick.

Some have beat cancer, while others are still fighting to beat it.

¨ I’m happy to say she officially beat it. I want to show her how much we care about her and how proud we are that she made it to where she is today. She is a tough cookie,¨ said Dial.

Although the subject is touchy, the breast cancer volleyball game hopes to shine a light on those who are fighting.

¨Not only do I want to recognize her, but every other man or woman who went through or is currently going through breast cancer. They all deserve to be recognized and celebrated,¨ said Dial.

The volleyball organization continues to support those who are battling.

¨We really support and wish the best for everyone who has to fight breast cancer,¨ said Chick.

Recognizing individuals who have fought so hard to overcome such a difficult challenge, the volleyball team is proud to dedicate a game to such a meaningful cause. Offering support to breast cancer survivors and fighters, the team hopes to take such a hard topic and spread some appreciation.