How to Act at Football Games

Aidan Hill and Jaidyn St. Peter

With the new school year starting, football season is starting up as well. When attending football games or any after school event, there is a certain etiquette, and ways that students should act. Going along with the way people should act there are things that students should not do.
When students attend football games there is always something they can do to make everyone’s game more enjoyable. Some of those include, “Cheer, dress to the theme, know where you’re supposed to sit in your section,” says senior CPU, Keaton Neiwmeyer.
There are also many things that can make everyone attending the game have a negative experience. Some of those include, “When they just sit there and don’t talk, don’t yell, and don’t support basically,” said senior CPU, Matt Jonas.
Even the people who have come to Friday Night Lights for four years could still be doing things that are not considered good student section etiquette.“People don’t realize how meaningful it is for the people playing, they are there to pursue their future,” Says Jonas.
When students show up to a football game they should make sure they are all in and participating. The crowd supporting the football players, cheerleaders, dance team, and band is an important part of FNL. “Go all out for the theme, bring signs, and bring things that are loud,” says junior CPU, Kaydence Orlick.
There are some actions that are definite no’s at football games. Some of these things include “Disrespecting people, leaving your trash, and not cheering,” says Orlick.
There are many different ways crowd members can act at football games, but most people hope that students will decide to enjoy the game and have fun while respecting other people’s space and time.