Boys basketball is bringing back Gentlemen of the Court


Hannah Oldham, Staffer

Boys basketball hosts an event called Gentlemen of the Court at the high school. This event gives the boy’s basketball team a set time and opportunity to give back to their moms and show appreciation for all they have done and continually do for them. Gentlemen of the Court takes pride in the different types of people they include in their event, including students from journalism, family consumer science, and culinary classes as well as the team. This year the event will be hosted on February 9 at the high school from 6-8 pm.

Basketball Coach Scott Jermain has been coaching at the high school during all six years of Gentlemen of the Court. He expresses how the event is made special for the mom as well as the son by dressing up and spending a nice night together.

“All of our basketball players bring their mother and they dress up, kind of go all out. Shirt and tie or suit and moms dress up and they come to an event,” said Jermain.

Senior Myles Sutton has been on the basketball team all four years of high school. Sutton shares that his mother has always played a role in his basketball career and influenced him to be a better version of himself.

“She just has always been supportive, always been there and she’s a hard worker so it motivates me to work hard,” said Sutton.

Both mothers and their sons find value in this creative and unique event the high school has chosen to put on. Jermain explains deeper the true value that this event holds for all that are involved.

“I think any time you can give back and help somebody out, I think there is value in that so I think most people would be appreciative of their mother and what their mother has done for them. So when we get a chance to pause life a little bit and take your mother out on a date, on a planned event, it makes them feel good because they showed their mom they really appreciate her,” said Jermain.

Sutton’s mother, Mindy Rapp shares how she felt from the first year they were involved in Gentlemen of the Court compared to now. She really expresses her admiration for the event and the one-on-one time she gets with her son.

“This event is something I look forward to because I get to spend time one on one with the most important young man in my life. I was surprised and looking back I see how much he’s grown since the first event. As a mama, these moments are bittersweet but so precious,” Rapp said.

This event has evolved to include different people and parts of the school into this event.

“It’s kind of a variety of people, so we have evolved to include journalism and family consumer science, they will help decorate the tables, we have had the culinary classes do the food in the past, and then, of course, the athletic director and custodians. The main thing is it involves students from all different walks, “ Jermain stated.

Gentlemen of the Court have received only positive feedback each year. Mothers and sons can look forward to this event coming back year after year.