Sport Booster Club

Gia Davies, Staffer

Many school sports have fundraisers and opportunities to raise money but a huge help to these sports are their booster clubs.

Booster clubs are a parent run organization that host different events and get different sponsors for the sport their child is involved in. They start off with a budget and go from there. The head of the Booster Club Joyce DeBrot said.

“The amount is determined by our budget that is made at the end of each school year for the next school year. That budget is made up of requests made by the coaches. The coaches give their request to the Activities Director Hipple and he presents it to the RP Athletic Booster Club Board. A vote is made to set the budget for the next school year.” said DeBrot.

There are many different events used to help raise money.

“Memberships, Corporate Sponsorships, Concession Stands, Apparels, Restaurant Promotions and anonymous donations.” said DeBrot.

These events raise enough money to pay for many different items for each team.

“The Booster Club has helped pay for uniforms, equipment, and other projects over the years.” said girls JV Softball Coach Brandon Ransom.

It also helps support fundraising along with needed equipment.

“The booster club supports the prowlers by providing new uniforms and equipment based on our yearly request. They also support our local fundraising.” said Prowler Coach Cheryl Grey.

The booster club splits the money between sports and even that they do equally.
“I honestly don’t know how the money is divided but they have been fair to baseball for sure.” said Ransom.

The booster club is also very supportive of what the coaches ask which is helpful.

“The Booster club has always been supportive of our requests, so I feel that they are fair in their distribution,” said Grey.

The booster club is a hugely needed support and is very important and appreciated.

“Without the booster club we would not be able to have the stuff we have,” said Ransom.