Kansas City Chiefs early season struggles

Kansas City Chiefs early season struggles

Jackson Mallory, Staffer

The past three seasons the Kansas City Chiefs have been red hot and a top team in the NFL. Since the start of the 2021 season their success is just not the same.

With the Chiefs struggles on defense and offense this season many fans are wondering why they are struggling. Coach Brad Gaines says what he thinks is wrong with the Chiefs this season.

“Football is a team game about the chemistry of your players and coaches. The Chiefs have been very successful these past few years and sometimes players and coaches get complacent with their success. Many of them have had some life changes this past year and I believe that has played a role in their struggles as well,”said Gaines.

The Chiefs chemistry has not been like it has been the last three seasons. The continuous games with dropped passes and turnovers are not going to win football games. Stephen A. Smith from ESPN’s First Take says his thoughts on the Chiefs.

“The Chiefs are not what they used to be.” “I’m not seeing anybody else truly, truly stepping up,” said Smith.

Fans, sports writers, and sports show hosts are very confused on why the Chiefs are struggling this year. The style of play is just not the same it has been the past few seasons. Ninth grade Student Bradyn Largent says his thoughts on the Chiefs early season struggles.

“Patrick Mahomes is trying to do it all himself and they are working less as a team,”said Largent.

Some feel the Chiefs struggles this season are due to Patrick Mahomes, but some say teams the Chiefs face have figured out their style of play.

“I do believe teams have developed a different strategy to attack the Chiefs, both offensively and defensively,” Gaines said.

Those in the sports world might think it is not the players and it is the coaching that Andy Reid is well known for.

“The innovative play calling that Eric Bieniemy and Andy Reid has been praised for time and time again. They seem a bit more nervous and less secure than they have in the past,” Smith said.

With the thoughts of coaching being the problem, what about the young offensive linemen adjusting to the game, for some players it can take a while to adjust to the NFL.

“At least a year if not more because every new player in the NFL is going to have to adjust,” Largent said.

A number of Chiefs fans and those around the NFL feel that this could be a learning year for the Chiefs and it could take some time to get back to their winning ways.

“I think in the off season we need to address some positions. Handling a professional team’s budget is way more difficult than I am sure we all realize. I trust their organization. Go Chiefs!” Gaines said.

Currently the Kansas City Chiefs are 5-4 and in third place in the AFC West. Fans are excited to see what the rest of the season will look like.