Why E-Hall Passes aren’t the best


Samuel Haddad, Staffer

E-hall passes are a terrible change for students because the whole point is just to take away the freedom of the students and it causes more stress while at school.

The first reason why e-hall passes are terrible is that it’s harder to tell if a student is allowed to be in the hall or not. Before e-hall passes all a staff member would have to do is look and see if a student has an agenda or not and see if it’s signed. Now they have to look for your name on the website. This is just less convenient because students were already holding their pass in their hands.

The next reason why e-hall passes are bad is that it is timed. Whenever you sign a pass, a timer starts so your teacher can better judge if you are skipping or not. This would be okay if it didn’t cause students to be thinking about how long they are gone, which causes stress. It stresses students out because they don’t want the timer to go over the time limit because they could get counted as skipping class.. Some things take longer than others and you shouldn’t put a timer on everything.

The last reason why e-hall passes are bad is that it takes away freedom from students. Students can no longer just sign a pass, they have to put a location they came from and where they are going. In the past students could sign a pass and have a short relief from stress and could take a longer route to their destination. But now they have to follow a strict path in the hall or a staff member might think that they are not going where they said they would go.

E-hall passes are just bad rules implemented and the school should go back to the original agenda passes. Going back to the agenda passes will cause less stress over passes, and make students feel like they have more freedom.