Too Soon to Celebrate

Grant Emery, Staffer

Celebrating Christmas too early leaves people with little to no time to enjoy Autumn and Thanksgiving before the beloved holiday meets its debut. If Christmas preparations begin too far in advance it can kill the holiday spirit, and leave stores with no time to capitalize on Thanksgiving. Not to mention that for some people Christmas can be a time of heartache and pain and the holiday brings cold weather and often ice along with it.

Christmas, if celebrated too early, can extinguish the holiday spirit before December 25 arrives. Despite the love this holiday normally gets, by the time it concludes, many can’t wait to stop hearing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on repeat. Just like everything else the holiday is only enjoyable for so long.

According to an article by The Dart titled “Thanksgiving: the forgotten holiday,” Thanksgiving is often forgotten about. Due to that nature, Thanksgiving could be made a highly profitable holiday, similar to Halloween and Christmas, if given the proper treatment. This holiday was built around family, which is highly profitable. The holiday would become highly profitable for stores if the holiday was given more time in the limelight, and gave it adequate support.

While Christmas is a widely revered holiday, for some it is a sorrowful time of mourning. Many people have trauma related to the holiday. Whether it be the death of a loved one, or a hard break-up, for some there is a dark stain on this holiday known for being “cheery and bright.” Of course this isn’t the case for everyone, a lot of people are able to enjoy the holiday for what it is.

People dislike the cold. Normally people hate to be stiff and sore from the cold weather, one of the primary climates of this holiday. While the thought of a white Christmas paints a beautiful picture in our minds, driving through the same snow can be dangerous and lead to disaster.

Powdery white snow may be beautiful to look at, but it means the return of the hated winter cold. If people keep celebrating the holiday too early it can burn out the Christmas spirit too soon. Capitalization on Thanksgiving is cut due to less time given to the holiday. Not to mention that the holiday season brings pain to some people’s hearts. People need to take the time to enjoy the closing out of Autumn before jumping into the Christmas celebration.