The Importance of Standardized Testing

Addie Reynolds, Staffer

Standardized testing takes place every year. 20-30 hours each school year are used on standardized tests. Students spend long periods of time studying and preparing for standardized tests that aren’t very important.

Standardized testing affects mental health negatively. Standardized testing has high standards that many students fear. These types of tests also cause many parents to expect a certain score for their child. This can cause many mental issues as students are studying for long periods of time and stressing about a test.

According to, “Standardized testing causes headaches, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, stress and attendance issues”.

Standardized testing is also, in some cases, ineffective. Many questions on the test are randomized and may not even cover what a teacher has taught. It is also a test for the teachers in a way. They have to teach to enhance positive performance on the test instead of teaching students to fully comprehend the material.

“Tests pressure students to prove how good they are at the material they covered. Report cards of schools don’t reflect the true quality of students and educators”(”

While some might argue that standardized tests are beneficial, the test causes a period of stress for students. It also creates tension between peers and teachers. Some students feel they need to better themselves or change how they are just to please colleges and parents. No student should have to feel that way.

According to, “Students can face increased pressure from parents and peers to do better and be “smarter”.

Standardized tests also take a toll on students’ social lives and activities. When students are preparing for the test, many have to give up important social time and activities that they participate in outside of school. It causes students to have to pick between doing good on a test or doing something they are passionate about.

Standardized testing clearly causes many issues in kids and teachers’ lives. Students should not be forced to participate in a test that tests much more than intelligence but also tests your will and mental power. Standardized testing takes a toll on students’ free time, social skills, mental health and parental relationships.