Teacher’s Pet

Aidan Hill, Staffer

Some students are loved and adored by their teachers and some are… not. So it raises the question, just like how students have favorite teachers, do teachers have favorite students?

Teachers do have favorites. Favoritism may not happen all the time, but students can tell when a teacher favors another student more.

“It can be demoralizing to other students not on the receiving side of said favoritism,” Fanaroff said (CNN).

How a teacher treats their students can affect each person differently. If a student feels they are being treated lesser than their peers this can bring their own self esteem down.

¨Being a teacher’s pet can be embarrassing and for people who aren’t their favorite it can feel like they’re being treated unfairly”(CNN).

Some believe teachers don’t have students and it just appears that they do.

“But it’s not as simple as having one favorite, In a class of 27 students, Freed says, the majority of the children would all rotate and have “moments” of being one of (her) favorites,” (CNN).

Teachers are believed to have a least favorite too.

Some teachers show more preference to certain students and that makes some students feel less than.

Megan Chikuru teaching one of her freshman Biology classes.

This is shown by answering students’ questions in different ways or by greeting them differently. If the first time you see your teacher you are greeted differently than others it will affect you.

Teachers have reasons for this, though. Some students are favorites because of after-school activities. If you play a sport and your coach is your teacher, they might like you a little better. It doesn’t mean one student is less than another; some teachers know students better than others. Students can also be favorites by their behavior in that class. If one student pays attention and gets their work done in time and the person sitting next to them doesn’t listen and doesn’t do their assignments, the student who listens and does their work will most likely be the favorite. Some teachers may even favor class clowns or super quiet students.

Teachers do have favorites. All though it may not be on purpose, teachers try to love all their students the same. Some teachers have favorites and least favorites.