Late Work Policy

Connor Kimminau, Staffer

In the past 2 years the teachers have been good about late work and the due dates. Having a late work policy and allowing students to turn work in past the due date both show positives and negatives.

Students are human and we do make mistakes. Students sometimes will turn in “mediocre” work just to make sure they have it turned in on time. If teachers allow late work, then students can put in quality effort on the assignment and also receive a better grade. Having a 0 in the grade book is very devastating towards students, so if that can be changed that would look better for the student.

“Zeros grades make students feel ignored. Accepting late work and marking it makes the students feel valued. It also helps instructors know how students can perform” (

Now on the other hand, if teachers do accept the late work it can cause the students to become lazy and irresponsible. The students then would think it’s okay to turn work in late again and continue to do so. Which would make the students get off track of when the assignments are due. Most of the time the teachers themselves will not have time to grade the assignment as fast, as they have moved on to the next unit.

There are positives for teachers not accepting late work. It would keep the student in check to make sure to get their work turned in on time. The student should at least get partial credit for turning in an assignment late. It will also avoid fake excuses from the students.

“Students cheat a lot and one may fake genuine reasons for a late submission. This is why most institutions have established a body that investigates whether the student’s reasons for late submission are true or false” (

This policy of late work helps students be ready for their future endeavors by understanding deadlines. It will make the student be responsible and will lead to life skills that are very important.

“A consistent late work policy helps students to learn responsibility and timeliness…both important skills for real life”(Reading&WritingHaven).

As well there are negatives for not accepting late work. If the teacher doesn’t accept the work and not even partial credit, a 0 in the grade book is devastating. Even partial credit for the student is much better than a 0 in the grade book. If the teacher of any subject doesn’t accept late work, every student should get at least 1 warning if they turn in work late. Once again, students are human and do make mistakes. So to get at least a warning to know can help the student’s grade and it will tell the student to make sure to turn in assignments on time.

It makes sense for students to turn in late work at times but the students also need to be responsible for the due dates. Forcing the students to be more responsible through the late work policy will lead to important life skills. At the end of the day, the school has a fair late work policy for students missing assignments and how much credit students get if turned in late.