Keep Teachers Teaching

Rylee Pettengill, Staffer

A National Education Association survey of 2,690 members released found 32% of people considered quitting their jobs. Teachers make up a large portion of the percentage. There are so many ways we can be supporting teachers.

Starting in the beginning of the pandemic to now, so many teachers have quit or considered quitting their occupation. Teaching is not an easy job. 1 out of 4 people are leaving their jobs according to CNBC. The lack of respect has made teachers jobs stressful and draining. Some teachers have said they don’t have 30 minutes to themselves. I feel you should enjoy your occupation.

There is more going on in teachers’ lives than people know. According to the Washington Post “teachers find themselves as makeshift social workers to their struggling students. They enjoy getting to know the kids.” Teachers now are breaking up fights and dealing with drama on top of teaching. Educators don’t get the appreciation they deserve for all that they do.

 With everything teachers go through, they should be paid more. As most people know, teachers do not receive very much money. Not only are they not paid much but most pay for extra supplies out of their own pockets. Teachers are an important part of the education system and helping the next generation, so you would think they would be highly paid, but sadly, you would be wrong.

Teachers stay teaching for the love they have for their students. Teachers chose their occupation to nurture and educate the future generations, so why are they so frequently disrespected? It’s sad that they are so exhausted. We need to keep teachers motivated. Little things like donating extra school supplies, so teachers don’t have to pay for it or sending appreciation letters to make them feel appreciated and encouraged can really help boost teachers’ moods. To make a bigger impact on educators, you can volunteer to help tutor struggling students.

Helping out your teachers in any way can make a huge difference and show how much we appreciate them for everything they do and work for. You can easily make an impact on educators’ lives.