What are the benefits of late start?


Aniyah Smith, Staffer

Later starting school days have a good effect on students behavior throughout the school. Late start days are associated with better grades, improved focusing skills, higher test scores among high school students.

Late start times benefit students in many different ways, one way is how it gives students more time to rest and be ready for the school day. Students that do get enough sleep for the day have the most positive performance in school. They focus better and are likely to have higher grades than students who don’t get enough sleep. More sleep helps students think more clearly, have better focusing skills and quicker reflexes. Students that do get enough sleep are more likely to have a more positive mindset, lack of sleep will negatively impact you on learning anything.

Late start can also mean fewer disciplinary issues. Students won’t tend to be tardy and sleep in class like they do on normal days. Students will follow the directions their teachers give them instead of arguing back with their teachers.

On most days students have just woken up less than an hour or two before the school day starts and aren’t fully awake or fully alert to be driving on the dark roads and parking lot in the morning. In the winter there are more tired and inexperienced students on the icy roads and that can cause crashes and possibly deadly crashes. Late start days can possibly save lives on the roads.

Therefore, late start days are best for high school students. Sleep means more focus in class and better grades and less trouble in school. Late start can also mean less vehicle crashes for the young inexperienced drivers.