Is the dress code taken care of at RayPec?


Addyson Heffner, Staffer

At school there is a dress code that is expected to be followed by all students. Many believe that the school does not enforce the dress code enough because all the rules followed up in the dress code rule book are broken by students on a daily basis. Although it’s the student’s job to follow the dress code, the teachers also need to enforce it more and make sure it is being followed.
Students like to take part in popular clothing trends, many of the trends do violate the dress code in a way. Some of the most popular broken rules are cropped clothing, hats, holy jeans, spandex and more. Although these clothing items are very comfy and good for expressing yourself, it is displayed in the dress code that they shall not be worn. Walking around the school for less than a minute you will surely find a student breaking one of these rules. Junior Bre Layton explains how the school can take better care of enforcing the rules of the dress code.
¨They can discipline students more for breaking the dress code or wearing inappropriate clothing,¨ Layton said.
The school uses discipline to enforce other rules in the classroom and by using these same tactics students would follow the dress code. Having a dress code helps keep students in check and focused in the classroom.
Although there are many reasons a dress code should be kept enforced, the main reason teachers should enforce the dress code is on multiple occasions people have complained about lack of focus based on another student’s clothing. A person’s outfit is not distracting unless the one wearing it makes it a distraction. A rule that has always been is not being allowed to wear spaghetti strap tank tops. Many students do still wear these, but if they are wearing a jacket it is acceptable. Spaghetti straps are said to be too revealing and show too much shoulder, shoulders are something said to be distracting but students have never been very distracted. Hats are also in the dress code but are one of the biggest broken rules. Freshman Emma Rosenberry says how wearing hats affects her focus in class on a daily basis.
¨I don’t think hats are a distraction in class unless they are messing with it a lot or not wearing it properly,¨Rosenberry said.
If hats are worn properly and not messed with throughout the day they should be allowed and can really express some people and their personality.
Students have varying opinions on how strict the dress code should be. With no dress code this could lead to many new problems in school, but with an even stricter dress code that can take away from students being able to show who they really are. If there was no dress code at all, the students would definitely be distracted by all the outfits around them. Like clothing, there are also rules with accessories. While glasses and necklaces can pull together an outfit they can also cause problems in the school environment. Junior Payton Heffner discusses what accessories she feels should not be allowed in class.
“I do not think kids should walk around school wearing tails or ears and acting like animals,”Heffner said.
There have been many kids wearing different animal articles as clothing. Teachers have been allowing this and it is nowhere in the dress code that states it is not allowed.
Having a dress code at the high school will keep everyone focused and comfortable during school. To get students to follow this dress code, the teachers need to take action and be more strict about what they see students wearing. Teachers and Administrators are not the only ones that should be left to take care of this, students can come together and help out by wearing appropriate clothing and following the dress code.