Bring back Panther Time


Lauren McElmurry, Staffer

Students have been waiting to have Panther Time after the past year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With Panther Time teachers can help tutor students that may be struggling in a class or are behind on schoolwork. Panther Time should be brought back because it is during school so students can become more successful with their time management skills since a lot of them participate in clubs and sports.

The school does offer after school tutoring programs but with extra activities, there is not a lot of time for students to get their homework done or ask for extra help with classes. Managing time is a skill that takes time to learn. Finding the balance between school work and other activities can be challenging, so with the use of Panther Time, students are able to build on this skill. Students go to school eight hours a day, five days a week and are piled with homework all throughout the week. This makes it difficult for students to keep up with their homework and adds a lot of stress on them.

Panther Time wasn’t only used for tutoring and catching up on school work. Juniors especially, these students found it relaxing to get a break from school and see their friends. After talking to Avery Khiel, a junior, it is understood why Panther Time is a good resource for students.

“I was able to have time to work on homework and see my teachers for help. I got a lot accomplished and my questions were answered.” As a result, it is easy to see how beneficial Panther Time can be. Students don’t always have the time to get their work done and it increases stress levels significantly.

“Panther Time gave me time to work and see my teachers for extra help. I also miss being able to see my friends and communicate with other students outside of my advisory.” Kiehl said.

The district is worried about bringing this back because it is harder to keep track of students with the privilege of them being able to roam around all throughout the building. This has been done Pre Covid-19 so it shouldn’t be an issue now. Overall, panther Time would be more beneficial for students and even teachers.