An Unusual Holiday

Jaxson Anderson, Staffer

Currently in the world there is a global shipping shortage, mass inflation, and a new variant of Covid-19, but is this enough to put down the holiday spirit around Raymore?

Teacher Heather Clark has many plans on how she is going to spend her holiday season.

“I will probably go to my family’s house in Lee’s Summit to celebrate,” said Clark.

Most people are keeping their holiday breaks more local instead of international since there are dangers of getting Covid by flying and traveling.

“Last year was different but it worked out for us so this year I believe we will be in a smaller group like my immediate family instead of a large group” said Clark.

Bradley Shepard, A 10th grade student at Ray-Pec High School has many thoughts about Covid’s effects on this upcoming holiday season.

“It has limited the availability of being able to go see family over the season” Said Shepard.

Shepard believes that it has made it much harder to book flights and travel because the fear of Covid-19 is really big for most families.

Many families have been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic whether it be with health concerns or with availability of the family.

Teacher Tina Fultz, A financing teacher at Raymore Peculiar High School explains how the covid-19 pandemic has affected her family.

“So two of my son’s and my daughter-in-law work in the medical field. We have all been vaccinated and have all had our boosters. We still wear our masks in public to protect the babies, but not at home” Fultz said.

Covid-19 made it hard for the school to do anything big for the holiday season, an oddity most people don’t enjoy. On the occurrence of something being planned and happening many restrictions have been placed to keep people safe.

Clark said, “Lots of things changed… there was lots more attention payed to kids safety and not have things spread, and keeping kids on track with school even when they got sick”

Due to the ongoing inflation going on in the world many items are having issues being shipped across the world. There is uncertainty about the effects that the shipping shortage will have on this holiday season but Many people are confident we’ll make it through it.

Fultz said, “Amazon has been a big help for the last couple holiday seasons since you don’t have to leave your house to go shopping, making the whole process much safer. We ordered everything on Amazon. My husband works from home due to his company still hasn’t allowed them back full-time. This has allowed him to be home to receive the packages. I’m not sure we would have done it that way or we would have had them delivered to my Mom’s house to avoid theft. Everything except one time arrived on time.”

Many travel issues have also been arising due to covid-19 with many flights being cancelled or delayed. Fultz had lots to say about how her family was impacted by travel restrictions.

“Their flights were all delayed a bit, but they all made it in to celebrate” Fultz said.
On the bright side many new traditions have come out of covid happening being both positive and negative for many people.

Fultz said this about her family,“Yes, with the families working in the medical field their work schedules are pretty tight and we had to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time”.

This saves many people who tried this time in the holiday season which is significantly busier than any other time of the year for most people.