Alternative Method of Instruction

Gia Davies, Staffer

‘Alternative Methods of Instruction’ is a new way to run snow days. Instead of a normal snow day students join Google Meets and complete assignments posted on Canvas.

Students and teachers have different experiences with AMI days. For teachers, it’s pretty structured.

“I typically am hanging out grading and sitting in Google Meets for most of the day. Usually, I have the day structured where students check-in for a short Meet but are able to work mostly independently” said freshman English Teacher, Haleigh Thompson.

Thompson runs her AMI similar to freshman American History teacher, Brandon Ransom.

“I’ll be at home with my kids and I will post work on Canvas and be available to kids via a Google Meet if they need.” said Ransom.

Students also have a pretty laid back schedule during AMI days. Which can be beneficial as they can feel more accomplished and have time to catch up.”

I get up, get my work done, and I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want,” said Sophomore Celia Barber.

These types of snow days are a great alternative to the past snow days because students get extra help in their needed classes.

“I get to keep learning when I am at home.” said freshman Dulce Dunham.

Students also have time to make up for any missing or late work.

“I can catch up on any school I have to do ” said Barber.

It is also seen as a great way to show students how much they can achieve.

“It’s nice to show students that they are capable of working independently, but that distractions often throw them off of their focus,” said Thompson.

Overall, AMI days are a new way to utilize technology and as the school district continues to use this new form of snow days we can see great improvement in student’s learning.