Chewy’s and Panther Market


Jaidyn St. Peter, Staffer

Students build social and business relationships through their time working at Chewy’s market and Panther Market. These student body-run stores sell not only snacks, but also school spirit wear.
Chewy’s market acts as a way for students to learn skills they can use in their everyday life. The skills they learn can later help them once they join the workforce. Special Education teacher Katie Huff is a mentor who helps the students run Chewy’s Market.
“I decided to have Chewy’s Market open to help students learn proper employment skills and social skills in order to help prepare them to become sufficient members of their community,” Huff said.
Chewy’s Market is a place in the school where special education kids work and learn new skills. Huff has helped with Chewy’s Market for quite some time and she has been able to make many memories
“We have several high school students who come to Chewy’s Market every day and the friendships that have developed has been the best thing,” Huff said.
I interviewed Junior Armon Davis. After working at Chewy’s Market, Davis has bettered his skills in running a business.
“Learning how to count money right and make change,” Davis said.
I interviewed Senior Dylan Titius and asked him what working at Chewy’s has taught him.
“It has taught me to have a job someday,” Titus said.
The Panther Marketis a place in school where any student can work. Panther Market is only available to seniors and juniors. You can start working there if you sign up for DECCA with Kimberly Schrader.I asked Schrader what made her decide to help with Panther Market.
“It’s just part of my job duties. It’s a part of the program,” Schrader said.
One of the highlights for Schrader is seeing the kids work and their accomplishments.
“I think my favorite part is seeing them work and do an amazing job at it,” Schrader said.
Cassia Rayne Krieg is one of the students that works at Panther Market. She
“It actually happened two weeks ago, someone had come into the Market past the one-minute bell. They said they had a pass, but we don’t accept passes anymore due to kids not making it to class on time. The person got mad because they couldn’t buy something, and started to cuss out the teacher a bit. They walked away after a minute or two and the teacher followed them. I don’t know what happened after that,” Krieg said.
The students have learned a lot from working at Chewy’s Market and Panther Market. The teachers also think the students have learned how to have proper employment skills. They have also improved on their communication skills and how to make change with money.