You Belong Campaign

Samuel Haddad, Staffer

Sources of Strength wants the school to know that all of their students belong. “You Belong” is a campaign hosted by Sources of Strength that was held at school starting November 29 and ended December 10.

Sources of Strength wants to spread a message with the You Belong campaign. Laura Columbatto, the sponsor of the club Introduces You Belong to the school with the goal to help students feel like they truly belong.

“Making all students feel encouraged to find a place that gives them that sense of belonging,” said Columbatto.

With the goal of finding a place for students to belong, Sources of Strength is doing something different by doing things around the school for the students. Laura Columbatto shares some of the things that they did to promote the campaign.

“We did chalk the walk, songs at the dismissal bell and they are all songs that have to do with belonging. Candy in the hallways during dismissal, flowers with quotes at lunch, and we are doing a photo exhibition,” said Columbatto.

Along with the things around the school, Sources of Strength is getting involved online and on social media. Club president Senior Chance Embry talks about Sources of Strength’s Instagram page.

“So we have our instagram page that talks a bit about that. There’s a promo video for You Belong, pictures of the club, and our sources of strength wheel,” said Embry.

You belong is a pretty Straight forward idea to understand but Sources of strength as a club is more than just the You Belong campaign. Columbatto explains what Sources of Strength is really about and what the community might not understand.

“Most don’t know that it started as an anti-suicide organization. But we don’t want to be this doom and gloom, focusing on the trauma. Instead, we take the time to process our past trauma and experiences, and then shift our mindsets so we’re focusing on stories of hope, health, and strength,” said Columbatto.

Source of Strength You Belong Campaign

Sources of Strength is always trying to improve the lives of students around the community by focusing on the future. Embry shares what he thinks is important for the Community to know about Sources of Strength.

“Some people don’t know that we exist but we are the largest club in school but people don’t understand that we have the resources to help someone with their mental health,” said Embry.

Even though they are the largest club in the school, Sources of Strength is always looking for more people to join and help out the community. Junior Bailey Roe, a member of Sources of Strength shares a common misconception with joining Sources of Strength.

“Probably that you have to be selected but truely everyone is welcome and we want people from all different programs and everyone can join,” said Roe.

Sources of Strength has other ideas for the school and the community year round. They are always working away towards their next plans. Columbatto Shares some other plans for the school year.

“Sources of Strength also adopts a family for the holidays, we participate in the HoCo parade and Trunk or Treat. We’ll do a different campaign in the spring too,” said Columbatto.

Sources of Strength and its members are actively trying to help the community. After the success of the You Belong campaign Sources of Strength is going straight into Adopt a Family throughout the month of December.