Performance of Footloose


Rylee Pettengill, Staffer

Auditions were held September first through the second where theatre teacher and director Todd Schnake worked with choir teacher Stephen Rew and choreographers to figure out the best students for these roles. Students auditioning danced, performed vocal talents and read lines.

Cast member Corbin Williams is excited to have a part in the show. He said he didnt care what his role was, he just wanted to be a part of theatre.

“I Winged it with pure talent,” said Williams.

Choosing roles was extremely important to Schnake. He believes the right people are key to a successful show.

“The people that are involved being committed and being as easy as they can be, talent is great and certainly important but you can’t get anywhere without some committed people,” saids Schnake.

Schnake believes that Footloose was the best pick for this year’s musical performance.

“I thought Footloose was a good match for the students, the last few musicals we have done have been older, more traditional. So I wanted to do something a little more modern, up temp, pop/rock. I thought it would be fun to do and fit the talent that we have,” said Schnake.

Lead Zander Blackmon liked footloose and is glad it was picked this year.

“I like the amount of singing and dancing, that’s what I’m best at” said Blackmon.

The cast works for around 8-9 weeks to perform a musical. Balancing school and the musical can be difficult with all the hours that are spent working on it. The cast averaged about 4 rehearsals a week, while working at home every day.

“There’s so much work, so much work that is put into musicals, from set, to the lights,and the props, to all the dances, the songs, and all the singing. We put it together in a relatively short period of time” said Schnake.

Making a musical look expensive and creative while staying on budget isn’t too difficult for Schnake.

“When working on the design for the set we try to figure in things we already have, we recycle lumber we have from past productions,” said Schnake.

For Schnake all the hard work and hours pay off in the end. After the short 8-9 weeks are over he enjoys watching his kids perform.

“There are a lot of great things about it but I love sitting in the audience and watching the show when it’s working to see how the audience really reacts. It’s fantastic. Seeing the kids be successful,” said Schnake.

Come to the high school theatre on Nov. 4, 5 and 6 at 7:30 p.m and 7 at 7:30pm to see lead Zander Blackmon and DIrector Todd Schnake’s cast perform. To get tickets call the box office at the number 892-3999, extension 2400. Tickets are 6$ for students and 7$ for adults.