Heisman Scholar Nominee


Hannah Oldham, Staffer

Under the Friday night lights people are watching the player but there is more under the helmet. The Heisman Scholarship is offered to only one male and one female student athlete that excels in the classroom, on the field, and in their community. The school nominates two involved seniors for this scholarship each year. Seniors Madison Busby and Tucker Miller have been nominated for the year of 2021.

The before and after nomination process is coordinated by Christa Fish, the senior office secretary and Kirk Hipple, the district activities director. Nominees are selected from a list narrowed down by their involvement and grade point average.

“We look at a list to determine how many students we have that have [are involved in] at least three, that’s somebody who would be considered highly involved in our school. That kind of creates a list, then we start looking at GPA and what kind of classes that they are taking.” said Hipple.

After the nominees have been notified about their nomination, the process is turned over to Fish. Fish coordinates the nominee’s application and reviews them before submission.

“There is an application on the Heisman website that they have to fill out and they have to submit information about things they have been involved in, rewards they’ve received, achievements, ect.”, Fish said.

While being active in after school activities, Senior Tucker Miller excels not only on the field but in the classroom as well, keeping his focus on his future ahead of him.

Although he is involved with three different sports his focus for the scholarship would be, “Football for sure.” Miller said.

Miller is not new to football at all. He began playing at a young age with multiple older influences.

“I played flag second and third grade and started playing tackle in fourth, so for about 10 years. I saw my brother play, he played and he’s 7 years older, he’s a couple years older than me. My dad coached football so I’ve always loved football, loved watching it so I decided to play,” said Miller.

Resting at right around a 4.1 GPA, he has also taken advanced classes since his freshman year. He shares his take on the reason he is able to excel in the classroom.

“I really don’t do anything certain, I just make sure I never leave anything not turned in. Just put good effort in,” said Miller.

When he heard about his nomination, he shared that he felt honored and rewarded for his hard work.

After the news of nomination Miller said his performance at practice and during games has not changed, “I’ve been pretty consistent, I have always prided myself on going hard all the time, so not really anything has changed.”

Miller said the biggest impact on him would have to be his involvement as it has left an imprint on the person he is and the person he is becoming. He also claims it has benefited his interactions with the people around him.

“I’ve gotten to know a lot of people and it’s really helped me understand that everyone is a little different. I always make sure to be nice to everyone because you don’t know what’s going on with them. With everyone I have met I make sure to be nice to them and make a good impression,” Miller said.

Miller leaves us with a message to everyone about the significance of your actions regardless of how big or small.

“This is to everyone, every little thing matters. When you think you don’t have to turn in an assignment or you don’t have to go hard in practice because no one is watching, it matters. Always make sure you’re doing the little things right,” Miller said.