The Anticipation of School Royalty

Addison Reynolds

The wait and anticipation is over. Throughout Friday and Saturday, the winners of the Homecoming court were announced. But what comes with winning the crown? Many details are overlooked in the tedious process of winning the crown.

Sophomore Homecoming King Gary Deal recalled the pressure of the competition. Gary was up against 3 other candidates competing for the crown due to a tie for the freshman king. The pressure was shown through the economic aspect of getting elected.

“There was some pressure to get nice clothes for the event and it felt like the pressure was mainly money,” said Deal.

Hannah Bisby, a senior, feels that throughout her High School experience, homecoming court seems to be a memorable and fun experience. For her, being in the court is an experience that you cannot explain unless you have been a nominee.

“Being in the homecoming court seems like a positive experience for people who have been there,” said Bisby.

Winning homecoming court means many different things to people. The meaning of winning is different from everybody’s perspective. Kynah explains what winning queen means to her.

“Winning queen means royalty, a girl who is smart, caring, and diverse by the people she talks to,” said Simmons.

Throughout September, the process starts with a form. Soon, it gets refined to a few candidates from each grade for the final vote. While the process may not seem like a lot on the surface, there is a small period of time to get a number of items.

Paisley Park, a twice nominated candidate recalls the main stressors of the tedious process.

“There is a little stress, finding a dress in the one week is stressful but fun to find,” said Park.

Almost every nominee recalled the great memories they made from being in the court. Many candidates talked about the great memories and experience they received from the event.

Gary Deal touched light on how the event brings people together. Being in the homecoming court gives everyone an experience to learn about the nominees.

“Homecoming Court brings the community and friends together as well as grade levels,” said Deal.