Lauren Trivers

The Student Council (STUCO) group, also known as student senate, organizes events for the school. Whether it’s lunchroom games, school dances, or fundraisers for many organizations. STUCO has recently been admitted into the state conference, which takes place March 16-18, where five students will attend. At the convention, students from across the state share ideas to implement here.
This networking conference provides many opportunities for the students and this school. STUCO is a way for students to get involved and represent and inspire students, all while having fun.
“State helps to remind students and even advisors of their why. Why do you want to create change? Why do you want to do these cool events?
Remembering their why helps to create more meaningful events that will bring more community and students into their programming,” said Ashleigh Easton.
Inspiring others is a big part of this STUCO team. They’re building the future for this school and their students. They want incoming students to do the same.
“A STUCO individual should have integrity, commitment, passion, perseverance, responsibility, and respect,” said Easton.
Utilizing their skills and traits, members put together many school events. These events inspire other students to join the STUCO team, and do something for the community. But one last point remains, being the importance of going to state.
“State is incredibly important for our students to get out of their comfort zone and learn new things. They are able to connect with other student leaders in different communities they would normally not be introduced to. Then they get to learn about different events and activities those schools put on. It is a great opportunity to learn more about themselves and also schools around the state of Missouri,” said Easton.
The state conference not only puts their skills and knowledge to the test, but it puts themselves to the test too. It’s a great way to build communication skills, and create memorable experiences.
“Going to State really provides a fire that we are able to bring home to share with others, and it was a great time that got me so out of my comfort zone,” said Junior and Executive Treasurer, Kendall Johnson.
In the end, the State conference that the student senate team attends helps them “Learn better tactics,” as stated by Senior and President, Dawson Jones. These tactics help them hold cool and fun events for the school, thus inspiring students to follow in their peers’ leadership.