Knocking out the Competition – The Bowling Team goes to State


Hayden Ashby

The bowling team has been working as hard as they can to be able to go to state this year. The bowlers are ready to compete.
Practicing every week, the teams improved on their skills, accuracy, and relationships. Having a consistent practice schedule helped the team become better and gives each bowler unique relationships with their teammates. Having a good practice routine is key to having a controlled and efficient practice,
“At each practice, we start with warm-ups and then create challenges that focus on certain pin set ups. We practice individual games (traditional bowling) as well as Baker style which is the format for our tournaments. For Baker, there are 5 bowlers who each contribute 2 frames to a game alternating for each turn.” said coach, Brenda Tilawen.
Preparation for state is very important for the team, they meet every Friday to be able to put in the work so their skills and scores improve. The team’s comradery builds with each practice,
“I also am proud of them for the team spirit they have and the humor they bring to both practice and tournaments. They have a special way of taking the competition seriously while also staying light-hearted and comical to calm their nerves. This helps the whole team remember the importance of having fun while working hard. They are also great examples of good sportsmanship.” Said Tilawen.
Some of the bowlers have past experiences bowling with teams outside of school. The bowling team is a great way for these players to continue putting in extra work while having fun. The bowlers who don’t bowl outside of school use it as a learning experience and a fun after school activity. Going to state is very important to the team.
“Many on the team bowl in other community leagues, so kids who are sometimes their teammates in those competitions become their opponents in the high school tournaments.” Said Tilawen.
The team and coaches are under a lot of pressure going to state, and the coaches found it exciting to see the team reach their goal at the end of the season.