Sophomore Slump


Emma Bisby

For years and years, students have noticed in their sophomore year of high school things are a lot harder, not the schoolwork, but getting out of bed, going to school, and just doing the simple things. This epidemic is called the “sophomore slump” or the “Sophomore Jinx”, nobody knows how it happens or why it happens but the symptoms are as follows; difficulty getting out of bed, difficulty sleeping, excessive stress, and an increased number of missing assignments. The sophomore slump affects many students in the sophomore grade, whether it is their sophomore year of college or high school either can be involved. It is not a deadly illness however it can cause serious mood swings, and can seriously affect your behavior and actions in and outside of school.
Students missing assignment count increases quickly, teacher, Anne Mussatti speaks her thoughts on the sophomore slump and explains how she helps her students stay out of the slump
“ I think it can be hard to see when a student is going into a slump. However, when I see a student really struggling, I try my best to listen to them if they need to talk. Sometimes, just letting them talk about what is bothering them will help them to sort it out. I have also been known to try to help by changing a seating arrangement to help with friend group issues or if I see a student just might need some extra attention” said Mussatti
Teachers had to go through schools as well and they may have advice on how they stayed out of the slump. Teacher Shelby Prather gives her best advice,
“I don’t remember having a sophomore slump. I tried to stay involved and active in school life, so I had a lot of things to look forward to.” said Prather
Now if one notices they have become a victim of the slump they need some help getting out of it.
“ First, set your priorities. What is the most important aspect for you and your family right now? Maybe this is grades. If this is the case, we can discuss how to get caught up or get a fresh start. Perhaps you have to have a job and this is the cause of the slump. Maybe you are working at a job for the first time ever. This can cause a struggle for students because they like to earn money, but don’t know how to discuss with a boss that they are working too many hours and it is impacting their school work.” Mussatti recalls
The slump may not always affect a student’s school work. It can also affect their sports, their job, and their attitude. A lot of students who have succumbed to the slump may have noticed that they are lashing out at their parents more, not showing up for practice, work, or even school. Sophomore Gracie Chambers, explains the effects the slump had on her.
“I started having an attitude all the time over the smallest things, it was difficult to get out of bed to go to school so I just wouldn’t go, luckily I had all of my friends and teachers who came to support me and help me get through it.” Chambers explained
Life may be a lot more difficult while going through this epidemic, however there are ways to get through the slump. A lot of people have gone through a slump, it is difficult to get out of it but not impossible. People just need the right friends, who will help them through it, or the right teachers who are flexible and willing to help.