Tennis Senior Night

Becky Philips

Senior night is something many people can look forward to or hope the time never comes, it is a time to celebrate their last time playing their sport. For the girls tennis team, Senior Isabella de Leon talks about how senior night really makes her.
“Senior night means that this is really my last year… like this is it,” said de Leon.
With their regular senior season being over, Senior Gabriela Vides expresses what she’s gonna miss about playing for the high school.
“My friends and how relaxed it is. Coming to practice and going to matches just feels like a really long hang out with your friends while playing tennis,” said Vides.
For the last four years, Coach Derek Howard has been coaching these seniors and talks about how it’s been watching them grow as players and people.
“I think the nice thing about this group is that they’ve matured on and off the court during matches. They self-regulate and correct themselves making my job easier and fun,” said Howard.
Playing with Howard as a coach for all of high school, Senior Peyton Koper explains how she thinks she has grown as a player from his coaching.
“Howard has taught me how to enjoy the game and how not to worry about winning, losing, or the results and just to enjoy every moment to the best of my ability,” said Koper
Senior night is a time to reminisce about all the good times the team had. Senior Shannon Finn tells us what she has loved about playing.
“One thing I loved about playing high school tennis is being able to play with friends, make new friends, and just being able to support each other and cheer each other on when we have difficult matches,” said Finn.
Even with their senior season coming to an end, they will always have so many memories together. Not only as teammates but as lifelong friends.