Once Upon A Mattress Announcement


Sydney Heriford, Reporter

The Ray-Pec Theatre Department is excited to announce that their spring musical Once Upon a Mattress opens this week! Due to the pandemic, there is very limited seating in the theatre and reservations are being done thru the students so that students make sure and get their parents in the theatre. However, the department has been able to negotiate the rights to live stream the show! With the help of the media students and the RP technology department (they’re very thankful for all their help!), it will be available to be seen on April 29th, April 30th, May 7th and May 8th at 7:30 pm. There are two different casts for the show, with the “Pec” cast performing on April 29th and May 7th and the “Ray” cast performing on April 30th and May 8th. Below is a letter that the theatre department has sent out to parents that has instructions on how to purchase a live stream pass.

Once Upon a Mattress Live Streaming Option

The performances of Once Upon a Mattress are fast approaching. It has been a joy to work with the students on this project. The reality of the pandemic is going to limit the ability to offer “in-person” viewing opportunities. That is why the theatre department has gone through the process of making the show available through a live streaming service. In order to meet the requirements of the licensing agreement with the creative artists, the department is using a company called BookTix to provide this service. Essentially, Ray-Pec media students will be handling the broadcasting of the show and will send the feed to the people at BookTix. They handle the ticketing and it will be through them that you will access the feed. This insures the creative artists are able to charge a royalty for each viewing and make certain that the theatre is working within the legal limits of the licensing agreement, and it enables them to make up a little of the lost box office revenue that we use to pay for the show.

Of course, what really matters to you is how to access the show. Simply go to the following link and begin the process:


Once there, you will select the show(s) you would like to see and create an account with Booktix. You will then have the option of purchasing a live streaming ticket. Live streaming tickets are $10. There is also a surcharge from BookTix. You will need one ticket per viewing device. Once you buy the ticket BookTix will send you an email that has a link for the ticket and a code that you use to access the show. A few important things:

You need to watch the show WHILE IT IS HAPPENING. It will be streamed live from the high school. It is not recorded and then you watch it at your leisure. The streamed performances happen in real time.

Do not share your link/code with anyone else. BookTix has said that if more than one device tries to connect to the live stream with the same link and code, then all using that information will be removed from the system.

We will only be live streaming the evening performances. Here is what we have scheduled:

Thursday, April 29 @ 7:30 pm the “Pec” cast performs.

Friday, April 30 @ 7:30 pm the “Ray” cast performs.

Friday, May 7 @ 7:30 pm the “Pec” cast performs

Saturday, May 8 @ 7:30 pm the “Ray” cast performs

Thank you for being willing to try this new way to enjoy theatre! This is a new experience for all of us. It is our intent to make the hard work of these students available to as many of their extended friends and family as possible. We hope you enjoy our productions of Once Upon a Mattress.

If you have any questions, please contact Janet Thomason at (816) 529-3462 or by email at [email protected] She is one of our boosters and has graciously agreed to help answer questions regarding purchasing tickets.