Should Graduation be an In-Person Event?

Maren Benz, Reporter

This Covid filled year has led to many school events being cancelled, including school dances, in person concerts, sports events with crowds, and more. There is still a chance to make this year as close to normal as we can. I believe that giving the seniors a chance to have in person graduation ceremonies with family and friends will give them as close to a normal end of their high school career as possible.

With everything going on right now in our world, I believe that in person graduation ceremonies would be greatly appreciated. In graduation ceremonies in the past, seats are filled with family and friends to watch their loved ones graduate. Even with a limit of tickets that are offered, that would still be something for the seniors. Some people are not even getting to have a graduation ceremony at all. “It was a little heartbreaking, honestly, to work your way up for 12 years, and you look forward to all these things” ( They have made it through 12 years of school and have worked hard to get to the place they are right now. A normal graduation ceremony is all they have ever thought about having. This year that is a worry with students and they might lose hope.

Our whole lives, our teachers have been prepping us to graduate and move on into the world. Even kids in elementary school are looking forward to graduating one day and moving on. Knowing that everything everyone has ever talked about would be gone is not a good thing to look forward to. That is why I believe that the graduation ceremonies should be in person.

I believe that limiting tickets might be the best option. If each student got at least two tickets, they would be able to have some family in the crowd. Even though they would not get the extra amount of tickets, they would still have some familiar faces cheering them on. People have to be able to have some people cheering them on in the crowd and not just all virtual. People being on a Google Meet is just not the same as getting to cheer the person on when they walk up to get their diploma.

In the past years, people have been able to have almost ten tickets. That most likely is not able to happen this year with the virus, but we can still have hope that things might be close to normal. The seniors need one last chance to have something normal in their senior year since everything else has been cancelled. We have not had any school dances, or full seated sports games.

Our seniors need one last chance to walk across a stage and get their diplomas. Even though this year has been everything but normal, I still believe that there is a chance that things could get better. Families and friends being able to come to the graduation ceremony would make it feel a lot more normal.