Impact of Hybrid Schedule on Learning


Tatum Skurdal, Reporter

Hybrid school schedules have many effects on students, both positive and negative. Hybrid school schedules improve the lives of high school students and staff by allowing more sleep, which is vital, and it allows for more of a flexible schedule. However, since the learning does not end when the students leave the classroom, this can cause students to put off their work, which then results in lower grades. Despite these pros and cons the hybrid schedule is more beneficial to students.

This schedule allows for students to get more sleep, which is vital at their age. Studies have shown better sleep improves brain growth, grades, and overall mood in high school students. The hybrid schedule is excellent for allowing students to get enough sleep, while still being able to come to school and have in-person learning time. The hybrid schedule is set up with two groups of students A and B, each group going to school two days a week. While students are in school, teachers set them up with everything they will need that week, then, when students come two days later, everything learned can be evaluated. While at home students, have everything needed to get their work done before returning the next day or week.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, people have stated their dislike for online school and the hybrid schedule. Some students have complained of the schedule making it hard to get motivated and they fall behind easily. Although all of this is true, putting more rules in place can change this outcome and improve the functionality of the hybrid schedule. By setting up more rules and making students more motivated the schedule can only get better.

Assuming students do their work, the schedule allows for extra free time. This free time can give teachers more time to plan lessons if needed, as well as give students much needed rest. The hybrid schedule allows for students to learn at their own pace while still allowing for time spent with family and friends. This schedule also gives teachers more time to not only plan lessons but also more time to themselves.

All around, the hybrid schedule is a better alternative to a fully online or fully in person school schedule. The list of benefits to this schedule are more sleep, more planning time for teachers, and more. Overall, this learning style has been very beneficial to students and staff during the pandemic.