Patrick Mahomes

Tyler Long, Reporter

Is Patrick Mahomes the best quarterback ever? Many football fans say that he is the best because of how he plays and his strategies are on the field, but Hall of Famers and newscasters say otherwise.

Patrick Mahomes is one of the greatest rookie quarterbacks of all time. In his first three years of playing in professional football league, he has been known for being astounding on the field and great sportsmanship towards opposing players or teammates. Chiefs legend Willie Roaf explains how dedicated and determined Mahomes is to football.

¨He’s one of the first in the locker room, he’s the last to leave, he’s a perfectionist and he wants to be the best.¨ Roaf said.

Other legends such as JJ Watt and Tom Brady have had a great reaction on Mahomes. Other legends from different sports like Lebron James from the NBA have seen Mahomes´ amazing plays and believe he’s an outstanding player. James gives an unsurprising approval to Mahomes on Twitter after a game against the Oakland Raiders this year.

¨I mean was there any doubt on that drive!?!? No there wasn’t. Patrick Mahomes is insano!¨ tweeted Lebron.

People and players have compared Mahomes to different NFL stars like Tom Brady, who he will play in the upcoming Super Bowl LV. People say that he is the young Tom Brady and an upcoming Hall of Famer. Mahomes doesn’t like being compared to other all star and globe players.

“I don’t know if I’m on Brady´s level yet. He’s a global star, and so for me I just try and be myself,” says Mahomes.

Mahomes plans to focus on himself out on the field and be a great motivator to his other teammates. He loves to motivate his whole team and get them all fired up for the game. Players love his motivation and have helped the team have a strong bond with each and every other.

¨I love how he motivates me and the whole team and it’s truly a blessing to have such a caring, young player like Mahomes,¨ safety Tyrann Mathieu says.

Mahomes is a great teammate to the Chiefs and very supportive to everyone else. He makes his players proud, Coach Reid and the staff proud, and don’t forget the wild and crazy fans. Fans have gone crazy over Mahomes and his decade contract with the Chiefs.

“Regardless of what the next ten years brings, what he’s brought the last two years to our community and our fan-base, I hope we never lose sight of that,” says Lopez, a Chiefs fan.

Fans across the U.S were super pumped with a great Quarterback and how much Mahomes has helped the Chiefs. Mahomes has a remaining 7 years left on his contract and then he has the possibility of switching to another team or possibly retiring. Players for the Chiefs will be devastated when he goes and leaves in a few years.

¨He will always be a valuable member of the Chiefs kingdom and he will always live long in the history of the Chiefs,¨ says wide receiver Sammy Watkins.

Mahomes thinks he’s not the greatest of all time, but is taking his time to get to that point. Even though he’s a young athlete and very great at quarterback, he isn’t convinced he’s the best. There are many other things to do in order to be the greatest of all time. It’s only the beginning of Mahomes and will show you what a great QB looks like.