Easton’s Care for Ray-Pec


Skyelar Anderson, Reporter

Being a teacher is not just about the teaching, it’s about building bonds with students and the teachers they work with. Art teacher Ashley Easton understands that exactly. Going on year five of teaching, Easton focuses on making her class an open environment, bonding with her co-workers, and trying to build a positive community for all students.

As a teacher, Easton knows how hard it is to be a high school student, especially with the stress, pressure, and the focus on perfection.

“It’s really hard to be a teenager and difficult to live in the 21st century with social media and all the negative energy. I want to show them that It doesn’t have to be like that. When I lift up my students it helps them flourish and become better people,” said Easton.

Senior Emma Gonzalez knows from personal experience what it’s like to have Easton as an outlet.

“It is very nice to have a teacher outlet. At school, it is hard to get around everyday feeling like you are alone, but with Mrs. Easton, I feel like I am surrounded by someone who I can always talk to,” said Gonzalez.

Head Principal Steven Miller sees day in and day out the effect Easton has on her students and co-workers.

“She treats her colleagues the same way she treats her students. If someone has a personal setback, she is the first person to get a card sent out. She is always trying to think of ways to make her colleagues feel better,” said Miller.

Gonzalez is a teacher assistant in Easton’s third hour class. She notices Easton’s everyday interaction with students.

“She is not afraid to tell people what could be affecting them and what solutions they can use to help them improve themselves or their artwork,” said Gonzalez.

Easton takes pride in sponsoring clubs that aim to spread positivity and overall trying to uplift the community.

“I am a co-advisor to the Student Senate, and I advise Sources of Strength. Both groups focus on a positive impact, and bring out the good in students,” said Easton.

Miller has also seen the ways Easton takes pride in spreading positivity around the school.
“She does a lot for our building morale, she was on our building leadership team. She had staff do personality tests, arranging for teachers to get Sonic drinks, and recognizing teachers. She has also taken a big part in our Trauma Sensitivity training,” said Miller.

Art class is all about one expressing themselves and adapting and Easton makes sure to solely focus on students and self-expression

“One of my projects is a mixed media portrait. [They] make a portrait out of someone who impacted them, I then changed the assignment to be more open to who they were, which resulted in more personal messages,” said Easton.

Miller has watched Easton teach multiple times and sees her influence on her student’s artwork.

“I see it all the time when I sit in on her class. Her passion for art feeds other students’ passion. I’ve seen students who were not big on art then share the same passion as her once Ms. Easton speaks,” said Miller.

An important part of being a teacher involves interacting with your students and leaving a positive effect, and Easton understands that well.

“I ask a lot of questions to get to know them, and I tell them embarrassing stories about myself, and I sing and dance because it’s fun,” said Easton.

If there is one thing Miller knows, Easton portrays the same thing everyday to everyone, no matter what.

“Passion everyday. She’s passionate about what she is teaching and helping others,” said Miller.

Just like a pillar adds strength to a building, Easton adds strength, positivity, and influence to Ray-pec’s community. From administrator, to co-worker, to student, Easton affects whoever she is around and knows how to connect and build strong relationships with anyone at the high school.