Wall of Memories


Maren Benz, Reporter

Sources of Strength, a new club, aims to spread positivity and hope among the student body. One member of Sources of Strength, sophomore Karley Sprankle, came up with an idea to make something that she hopes will bring students together. She came up with photo walls, walls full of photo of students chasing their passions, to show everyone the great times the high school has had and remind them of all the great things that are to come.

“I was trying to think of ways to make our school more cheerful, and I was sitting in my room looking at my own really big photo wall, and the idea just kind of popped in my head. I love looking at my wall of memories when I’ve had a bad day, it makes me remember all the good times I’ve had in my life,” said Sprankle.

While the club is fairly new, having just begun at the high school last year, Sprankle has been heavily involved since the beginning.

“I helped put together everything for Sources of Strength at trunk or treat, I am putting together the photo wall, I started a program where me and a few others read books to the kindergarten and 1st grade classes in the Ray-Pec district, I am getting Sources of Strength to adopt a family for Christmas and have the school help bring in gifts, and finally, if Covid allows me to, I would like to start back up on the project I started last year where I take a group to go volunteer at the close by nursing homes,” said Sprankle.

Sprankle loves to help people and bring people to a happier place. The walls are meant to bring people joy and make their day a little brighter.

Art teacher and Sources Of Strength sponsor, Ashleigh Easton, believes that Sources of Strength is more important than ever this year, as this year, it is especially important for them to bring light to the high school among all of the negativity.

“We really want to show the kids that there are still things to do right now. You should still stay positive,” said Easton.

Everyone working on the photo wall wanted to bring the students some positivity in this hard time. The photos are a place to look at when students are having a bad day.

Sophomore Gracie Wright, another member Sources of Strength, supported Sprankle’s idea for the photo wall. Like Sprankle, Wright believes the photo wall will help student recall fonder memories.

“I feel the picture wall is a very creative way to show our community’s love for each other, as well as the memories we have all made together,” said Wright.

The photo walls have been placed in multiple locations throughout the school to try and reach as many students in the school as possible.

“I have made three. One by the band and choir hall, one in 700 [hallway], and one in 400 [hallway],” said Sprankle.

Sprankle dedicated a lot of time into making the school a happier place. However, Sources of Strength is working on more than just the photo walls. They hope to continue with more project around the school to grow their club.

“We are working on getting our social media up and running, we just got done with trunk or treat, and we are finding things that we can help grow,” said Easton.

Sources of Strength is a very willing club, they are working hard on finding positivity and happiness not just in this school, but in the community.

“I would say the main message that is being highlighted in this wall is the feeling of comfort and reason to work towards getting back to what we once were,” said Wright.

The comfort is the main reason that this wall is being made. Sources Of Strength really want students to have a safe place to look back upon all of the memories as a school.

“Through this pandemic and election season, we have seen a lot of hate and violence. This is a way to bring some happy memories to our school for those to look at when they pass in the halls and see that life will get better and there is always light at the end of the tunnel,” said Sprankle.

Sources of Strength encourages people everyday and helps people find their strength in this hard time. Easton has supported Sprankle’s idea since the beginning of its creation, believing that it will help spread Sources of Strength’s message throughout the student body.

“I think it is a great idea. I think it will help kids see that there are fun things to do during this pandemic,” said Easton.

While this pandemic can be tough for a lot of students, Sprankle, along with Sources of Strength, is doing her best to help people through it with service projects like the photo walls. Sources of Strength plans to continue to spread positivity throughout the school year with upcoming service projects.