Peyton Koper Places Fourth at Girls Tennis State


Swing. Hitting the ball at a fast rate, Sophomore Peyton Koper focuses on her competitive tennis match. She has been playing tennis since freshman year and is now a varsity sophomore tennis player. “It took a lot of hard work and motivation,” said Koper.

Tyler Long, Reporter

Ever since she was a child, sophomore Peyton Koper has always been trying new things. She was involved in a lot of different sports and hobbies until she finally found her passion: tennis. While she is only a sophomore, she worked hard to earn fourth place at state this year.

It has been a dream for Koper to go to state for tennis. Even though she is a sophomore, this was a big achievement she has been aiming for. She was one of the few people on the girls team to go play for state and has worked very hard to get in that position.

“I got to play against the other top girls in the state, which made it really fun and exciting,” said Koper.

Koper and her doubles partner, senior Bayley Raymond, had a successful season together. They both have pushed hard and battled opponents together. They practice daily after school for two hours and also practice outside of school improving what needs to be better.

“I feel like me and Peyton worked really well together. We had a very good relationship and always got along,” said Raymond.

Head tennis coach Derek Howard has enjoyed coaching girls tennis ever since he started teaching at the high school. He always pushes his kids to do the best they can and not give up. Howard is proud of Peyton for being one of few who made it to state.

“Peyton is someone that started playing at a very young age. I think that my main contribution to her success was helping stay mentally focused during her matches,” said Howard.

Koper has been working hard and focusing on tennis since day one of her career. She has created strong bonds with her teammates and practices with them. Koper loves cheering on her teammates as they are in their match and watching by the sidelines.

“I cope pretty well with new teammates. I’m always open to making new friends and creating bonds,” said Koper.

The day of Koper’s state tennis match, she was anxious about people watching her play. She did excellent at the match, and her teammates and coaches were proud of her for making it this far. Her teammates always pushed her to not give up and keep on going.

“We just always were there to cheer her on whenever we could. We knew she was capable of big things, she just needed to believe in herself,” said Raymond.

Koper has worked hard to get to where she is at today. Along with the support from her teammates and coaches, Koper placed fourth at state as a sophomore. She hopes to maintain this success in future years.