A new twist on self love


Aniaya Reed, reporter

Senior Brielle Gines started GAWSY Magazine to develop a refreshing outlet for the youth in her community. Brielle began the magazine on Friday, January 3, 2020, and has gained eight or nine team members working on the project. She is going to publish her magazine through her mother’s, Michelle Gines, business, a publishing company called Purpose Publishing. Brielle dives into the process of her work and how she wants to influence youth in her community.
“The literal meaning of [GAWSY] is ‘well-dressed and of cheerful appearance.’ I want to take that definition and instill it with youth and young adults everywhere,” said Brielle.
GAWSY Magazine is to give the youth in her community a new perspective on self-love and inspiration.
“I want them to be well-dressed not only physically, but characteristically and mentally and all that together I feel is what will or can spark that cheerful appearance or flow in individuals,” said Brielle.
Brielle’s idea for GAWSY was influenced by one of her leaders in her church. She eventually decided to create a magazine; following her dream.
“My Apostle at church prophesied to me about becoming a writer and that’s stuck with me ever since, and when GAWSY came to my mind, I knew I had to do it,” said Brielle.
Brielle used multiple social media platforms to announce her new project. Her message reached a few students, along with those being senior Gabrielle Sharp, who was immediately interested in the idea.
“I saw it on her Snapchat story, and she was asking if anyone was interested in being a part of it. It sounded like something I would like, so I didn’t hesitate to slide up,” said Sharp.
Mrs. Michelle Gines supported her daughter in her mission to spread self-love through her magazine. Michelle has worked with magazines for over 10 years, and has published magazines for ministries and youth groups.
“As a parent, I think it’s important to support your children’s ideas and dreams. Plus, this one was easy to support because it’s Brielle personified. I’m glad to help and encourage her with it,” said Michelle.
Being a mother, handling magazines, and now contributing to Brielle’s magazine can be frantic at times. However, Michelle has ways to be prepared and create structure in her family.
“I find balance with planning and preparation. My family, my work, my business, and the ministry. We keep a family calendar in the kitchen, discuss what’s happening week to week, coordinate who’s where and when,” said Michelle.
Students of the magazine have to be organized and prepared. Sharp is a graphic designer for GAWSY Magazine, and takes her position seriously, as she wants to develop her editing and design skills.
“Just like any other responsibility I have, make sure I keep up with deadlines and know my priorities. I don’t want to let Brielle down,” said Sharp.
Brielle’s goal for GAWSY is to give males and females a sense of self-love within themselves. She wants her community to feel worthy of themselves and of others.
“My future plans for GAWSY are to make it global so that youth and young adults can view from anywhere on any platform, and become accessible everywhere,” said Brielle.
Even though Brielle has just begun her magazine, she is looking forward to the experience, friendships, and attention her work will get. Brielle wants her project to be tangible for all, so she plans on having the magazine available on print and digitally.