Victory in leading others

Marlon Williams, reporter

On November 2nd The high school’s student senate group had their district competition, which was held at Lafayette high school. There were about 20-25 schools overall that were at the district competition, but there is more to the student senate district competition than meets the eye. Districts for student senate is more of a way for student senate members to meet other student senate members, and share methods and experience on how to better impact their respective communities.

Districts are held all over the state for other schools that run their own student senate related programs. During districts students get the chance to meet other student senate members in events like flock talk; Where students get together and discuss strategies on how to create a better community. This in a variety of ways is beneficial to the high schools student senate members student senate teacher Jeff Moore elaborates on this.

“Districts is a meeting of most of the schools in the KC metro area, and we network and learn how to be better student senate members,” said Moore.

This year districts was astounding for the student senate members they won president meaning they get to be the school that hosts districts for next year. The process of winning is explained by Junior student senate member Emma Gomez.

“You have to send in an application and then after that we have to create a campaign in which I created the video to be shown. We just told people to vote for us and made posters to put around the school,” said Gomez.

Aside from winning president and being able to host districts next year, the students involved get more knowledge on how to better themselves as a person, and as student senate members. Senior student senate member Gracyn Kloth explains what happened during the districts day.

“We at first we meet in a gym then we have a motivational speaker and he just talked about being a leader in different aspects of life. And then we broke up into smaller rotations and they were like a dance and these things called flock talks. You talk about ideas that happen at your school, our school talked about Trunk or Treat, tortilla toss and the Derek Slinger scholarship,” said Kloth.

Districts will be held next year at the highschool, so returning members of the student senate group will get another chance to learn more on how to become a better student senate member.

The highschools student senate groups orchestrate fundraisers and other money raising events for the community with events like polar plunge, and Socktober. The student senate group got new outlooks on how to create a better atmosphere for the high school as a whole. Now with the exposure to other potential fundraisers, and strategies on how to create a better version of themselves and their communities.