Pumped up spirit


Marissa Dick, Reporter

Most people believe that school spirit is a crucial part of the high school experience. Panther stadium is known for having a very active student section during football games. On Friday night football games, the stands are filled top to bottom with high energy students dressed in themed attire. All of these components, such as coordinating themes and keeping the energy alive in the stands, are only possible with help from the crowd pumper uppers.

A student led group of CPUs started in 2008. The first CPU was a student by the name of Jason Skinner. Student Council sponsor, Jeff Moore, has his room filled with painted bricks made by students in Student Council. Moore points out that the quote on Skinner’s block is in reference to his time as a CPU. This quote encourages the current CPUs to continue sharing their school spirit with other students.

“His block says ‘someday you too shall pick up the flag and run with it’,” said Moore.

The CPUs go through an application process and they are chosen by the executives on Student Council. Moore explains how the CPUs are selected.

“We try to keep it between five and seven, and we try to determine who is dedicated, who will show up to events, and who is respected by the student body,” said Moore.
Moore and the executives on Student Council felt that the individual devotion of each CPU is more important than the number of CPUs. Experiencing his first year as a CPU, Junior Brian Sparks illustrates the main reason he wanted to be a CPU.

“My main goal was to try my best to make the games more fun and enjoyable, and make sure we are loud so our team knows we are supporting them,” said Sparks.

During the football games, the CPUs are determined to keep up the energy of the crowd. Starting chants and running around with big spirit flags are only a few of the many tactics performed by the CPUs in order to keep the crowd engaged. Junior Spencer Barr witnesses the big impact CPUs have on school spirit, every Friday night.

“They just get everyone more involved with school spirit. If we didn’t have CPUs our
school spirit would be negatively affected and people wouldn’t listen to each other,” said Barr
The CPUs are in charge of coming up with themes for the games. The themes create an aesthetic for the school to rally.

“I definitely think that there has been a big impact from the CPUs on our school spirit. They pick the themes for games which makes our student body more coordinated and united,” said Moore.

Spending every Friday night together during football season, the CPUs created a bond within their group. Junior Julia Dorweiler enjoyed making memories with the other CPUs this year.

“The football games are definitely a highlight. I just like being down there and with the other CPUs,” said Dorweiler.

With football season coming to an end, the CPUs will have the opportunity to support the winter and spring sports. Both Sparks and Barr are planning to come and support the other sports.

“The one thing I will take away from this experience is to enjoy it while it lasts, you’re only in high school once so make the best of it,” said Sparks.
The CPUs will continue to strive to strengthen the spirit in our school. They are the leaders of the crowd. The CPUs have made a big impact in uniting the school with their school spirit.