Bringing back the tradition


Hannah Schulze, Yearbook Assistant Editor

Tradition for the football team is rare and not always consistent, the past few years none of them have been incorporated. This year however, two of the old traditions have been put back into motion. Senior Jackson Hilsabeck brought the honey badger hairstyle back to life for his last year on the team.

“My brother did the hair his senior year, and I’ve wanted to do it ever since I was a freshman. I kind of forgot about it until this year, but I was so excited to do it” said Hilsabeck.

This hairstyle is called the honey badger because of the bleached-honey shade of hair that the boys stripe down the top of their heads. This crazy hairstyle was hard to convince some to join in, but others did not think twice about participating.

“The first person to be on board was Dylan Cheatham but Luke, I knew he was on board because he actually made an appointment for two weeks in advance, so I knew he was on board, he was the first one that I knew for sure was, but Dylan Cheatham was the first to say he would” said Hilsabeck.

Senior Luke Grimm was the first person to follow Hilsabeck’s hairstyle by making an appointment to get the honey badger done. Unlike most others, Grimm was not worried about his new hair, and says he never regretted getting it done.

“I love my hair, I think it looks really cool and it’s a fun thing for the whole team to get together and do for our last year playing together” said Grimm.

Senior Dylan Cheatham is another one of the first people to agree to do the hair with Hilsabeck. Hilsabeck said that Cheatham was the first person to verbally commit to getting his hair done.

“The meaning behind the hair to me is that it represents how we are a family. I don’t get why the seniors didn’t do it last year, I

think it’s a really good way to bond as a team” said Cheatham.

When asked if the trend should be carried on throughout the next generations of the team, most of the current seniors agree that it would benefit the team. Cheatham is one of the players who would enjoy seeing the tradition be a permanent one.

“I really hope they carry it on, because I think it would be awesome to have a main football tradition. It would be pretty fun to see the underclassmen carry it on” said Cheatham.

Traditions are a great way to bring any group of people together. Football for many is a family, and traditions bring said people closer together.