Book nook: Gone by Michael Grant


Samantha Como , Reporter

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Gone by Michael Grant is a fictional dystopian sci-fi book that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The book is about how a town that suddenly had all people over 15 years old disappear and there’s a dome-like barrier surrounding them that they cannot go through. The phones, internet, and television stop working, meaning there is no way to get help for all the kids stuck in the dome. Starvation starts to become a problem and everyone freaks out trying to figure out what happened. Bullies start to take over and cause problems to multiply. Animals are starting to grow mutations and attack the kids. But the animals are not the only thing changing, teens are starting to grow mutations too with powers that they do not know how to use or control. Throughout the book, the kids are trying to figure how to escape the dome and how to protect themselves from each other and from the mutating animals.