All district band awards

The Band Department set a new record for the number of seats earned through blind auditions, Saturday, at Warrensburg High School. 62 band chairs were earned by Ray-Pec students. Approximately, 500 students from the West District District auditioned. Both Honor and Honorable Mention Bands will perform January 4, 2020, at UCM at 3:00 pm.

38 students qualified to audition for State December 7th in Columbia.

Piccolo Honor Band only 1 selected

1st chair-Lilah Manning

Flute Honor Band 11 selected

2nd chair- Lilah Manning

6th chair-McKenna Sloan

Flute Honorable Mention Band 11 selected

2nd chair-Kelly Feak

8th Chair-Elizabeth Williams

9th Chair Rachel Erickson

10th chair-Abigail Kuntz

Oboe Honor Band 1 of 2 selected

2nd chair-Haley Borum

Bassoon Honor Band only one selected

1st chair-Aeryn Mitchell

Clarinet Honor Band 24 selected

1st chair-Sage Buckley

2nd chair-Logan Sueltz

3rd chair-Devin Tilawen

9th chair-Lucas Palmer

11th chair-Noah Chapman

13th chair-Laine Schmalzreid

16th chair-Colten Westhues

17th chair-Ella Oldham

20th chair-Jessi Beneke

Clarinet Honorable Mention Band 24 selected

5th chair-Emma Haffner

8th chair Kaylee Hill

Bass Clarinet Honor Band only 2 selected

1st chair-Bailey Altreche

2nd chair-Serena Reeser

Bass Clarinet Honorable Mention Band only 2 selected

2nd chair-Braeden Moreland

Alto Sax Honor Band 5 selected

4th chair-Jay Schroeder

5th chair-Ean Poe

Alto Sax Honorable Mention Band 5 selected

1st Chair-Shelyse Fields

Tenor Sax Honor Band 2 selected

2nd chair-Cloey Pritchard

Tenor Sax Honorable Mention Band 2 selected

1st chair-Tristan Vitti

2nd chair Stephen Clapp

Bari Sax Honorable Mention Band 2 selected

1st chair-Meghan Allen

Trumpet Honor Band 11 selected

8th chair-Hayden Smith

9th chair-Angelica Zagar

Trumpet Honorable Mention Band 11 selected

5th chair-Jaden Thomas

6th chair-Philip Nelson

1st alternate-Noah Bruton

2nd alternate-Delaney Taylor

Fr. Horn Honor Band 8 selected

2nd chair-Justin Elliott

6th chair-Derek Nissen

7th chair-Linsey McElfresh

Fr. Horn Honorable Mention Band 8 selected

3rd chair-Eden Craig

4th chair-Isaac Spencer

5th chair-Alden Trageser

6th Chair-Jackson Dennis

Trombone Honor Band 9 selected

2nd Chair Gabriel Cerda

4th chair-Ivory Coleman

5th chair-Josh Camp

7th Chair-Madison McCamish

Trombone Honorable Mention Band 9 selected

2nd chair-Brady Dillon

5th chair-Karter Jones

6th Chair-Collin Jungling

Baritone Honor Band 4 selected

1st chair-Rebecca Glass

3rd chair-Mario Urquilla

4th chair-Grant Emery

Baritone Honorable Mention Band 4 selected

2nd chair-Andrew McGuire

3rd chair-Michael Viermann

Tuba Honor Band 6 selected

1st chair-Kiersten Grier

Tuba Honorable Mention Band 6 selected

5th chair-Alex Roller

Percussion Option 1 Honor Band 4 selected

2nd chair-Lucian Howlett

3rd chair-Zaran Jathaul

Percussion Option 1 Honorable Mention Band 4 selected

1st alternate Austin Story

2nd alternate Abigail England