Volleyball Senior Night

Emma Gomez, Reporter

After four hard years of hard work, the seniors finally celebrated their successes with volleyball senior night on September 3rd. However, they were not able to keep the same traditions they have done in the past such as set up posters inside and have many family members be present, but they still found ways to celebrate their hard work.

Senior night is a tradition that many high school athletes get to experience, but due to COVID-19, those traditions have changed. Senior Delaney Taylor is grateful for a night dedicated to her hard work.

“Senior night is really just a celebration of playing volleyball. It’s to remember all of the games, practices, and memories. It’s a way to say goodbye to playing in high school and a chance to leave it all out on the court in front of your friends and family,” said Delaney.

Group Hug. Embracing her teammate, senior Jacquelyn Elliot hugs a fellow senior after the parade the parents coordinated for the girls to see their friends and loved ones who were not able to attend. The seniors were grateful for the support their friends and family showed them at senior night. photo by Sydney Heriford

Even though the seniors were not able to experience what a normal senior night would have been, they still cherished the celebration the parents, staff, and underclassmen held for them. Goodie bags and a mini drive-by parade was used in order to celebrate their accomplishments. Senior Jacquelyn Elliott was surprised by the commitment of the parents and teammates to celebrating her senior night.

“I knew the parents were planning to have small tables set up for us outside the school with cards, and I knew that we were going to all be receiving fat-heads. However, I did not know that they planned a parade for us before the game. That was surprising and made us all feel very special to see everyone come together and plan something special for us,” said Jacquelyn.

The expectations for senior night were low for many members of the team, knowing that it would not be the same as senior nights in the past. Taylor set her expectations low and hoped just to be able to play a game for her senior night.

“I didn’t have too many expectations for senior night this year. I knew it was going to be different and that some of the people that I wanted to come wouldn’t be able to. I was honestly just hoping that we would get to play a senior game at all,” said Delaney.

Many of the seniors’ parents helped in making a memorable night with what they had. Delaney Taylor’s mother, Denise Taylor, describes the process the parents went through to make the night special for their daughters.

All Together. Standing together on the sidewalk, the senior players watch the parade the parents and teammates arranged for their senior night. A celebration of all of the individual goals and achievements the girls have done throughout the past three years. photo by Sydney Heriford

“The senior parents set up tables for each player outside the gym along the sidewalk. Each table had two player photos, a special flower arrangement inside a volleyball base (with the player’s favorite flowers), personalized individually wrapped cookies and a basket for cards from friends and family. Players were surprised with their own “bighead” sign, a large yard signage display, a parade between the JV and Varsity games and car decorations,” said Denise.

Creating something spectacular and memorable during a global pandemic was a challenge for the parents, but this was a night for the volleyball senior girls to remember. Jacquelyn Elliott’s mother, Karen Elliott, explains the difference between this year’s senior night and senior nights of the past.

“Senior night in the past seemed to be so much more fun and thrilling for the actual seniors and their families. The girls were able to dress up for school that day, be excited for their home game that night, truly decorate the gym, and be presented with a dance that had been practiced for several weeks by the rest of the volleyball teams — this was always fun and emotional for them because this was to be their special night for their last year,” said Karen.



Celebration Time. Jumping up and down together, the volleyball team dances around before the varsity game. “The fact that we could completely be ourselves and have the most fun time together off the court is what made playing on the court even more special for me,” said senior Jacquelyn Elliot. photo by Sydney Heriford

While COVID-19 has changed the circumstances of the volleyball team’s senior night, parents, coaches, and teammates came together to try to make the night memorable for the seniors. While the seniors’ chapter of high school volleyball is ending in a global pandemic, they made the most out of their accomplishments and achievements throughout their careers.