Sports During A Pandemic

Lillianna Ausmer

This year, many school districts have decided to cancel their fall sports. However, Ray-Pec High School decided to continue on with fall sports but with some precautions.
The new Athletic Director, Kirk Hipple, believes continuing sports right now is the way to go during these hard times.
“I feel like sports and activities are important for the health and well-being of ALL of our students,” said Hipple.
Senior Carter Como has been playing soccer for 13 years and has never had a season like this. Como explains how he keeps him and his teammates safe during this time.
“I wear my gaiter during practice, and when huddled up, I stay 6 feet away from my teammates,” said Como.
Head Coach of boys soccer, John Plankers, his players are taking precautions at all times.
“We have a seating chart on the bus for away games, gaiter or masks are now a part of our uniforms, distancing as much as possible has become a norm, and then keeping things as clean as possible is another expectation,” said Plankers.
Coaching during this time has its struggles. Plankers describes what the season has been like so far.
“It definitely has provided more challenges and headaches than previous seasons, but all in all, our boys are feeling very fortunate and happy to be playing the game they love,” said Plankers.
Hipple describes further plans for all athletes throughout the school year.
“Our protocols for a risk-reduced environment have been detailed and executed thanks to so many people who are involved with this process. I feel like if COVID is still going on, then we will continue with our plan and adjust as needed,” said Hipple.
COVID can be a hard time for people. Soccer,Football,etc and all the fall sports can give something to be looking forward to in these troubling times.