Family Feast

Dylan Cheatham, Reporter

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As people grow up they become connected, whether it be by bloodline, friendships, or simply just being classmates you tend to learn more about each other and how it shapes you as a person and as a teammate.

Head basketball coach Scott Jermain organizes team gatherings every season to keep the players connected and to understand the value behind family and teamwork.

“We try to develop a sense of family so they feel like brothers,” said Jermain.

Athletes that play together usually have played together since they were young leading up to high school. For junior Kian Scroggins, being new to the district his freshman year forced him to dive right into the bonding experience with the team and spark chemistry with his fellow teammates.

“I was new to the district freshman year and didn’t really know anyone, but I got to used to everyone quick and now I play a lot better because of the bonding we have done,” said Scroggins.

Players find the gatherings useful and quite enjoying, the team meets a few times throughout the season at Jermain’s house for the traditional pancake breakfast that Jermain has kept doing since he first arrived. For senior Hayden Raines this is his last year for team gatherings and the pancakes. Raines feels nostalgic knowing this will be his last year eating meals with the team.

“ It just seemed like yesterday I was a freshman and I was at coach Jermain’s house with all my friends and now I’m about to graduate and not play for the school with my friends ever again,” said Raines.

Nothing lasts forever, but one thing that does last forever are the memories, especially the memories that as athletes share together. The boys basketball team feels these special gatherings they have experienced together better them as players, and most importantly, as young men.