‘Greatest Of All Time’

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‘Greatest Of All Time’

Dylan Cheatham, Sports Editor

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People all around the world have their own passions and dedications. People find interest in things such as art, music, fashion, and sports. Sports have played an important role in history since 776 BCE and continue today to leave impacts on passionate sports lovers and the athletes themselves. As time goes on and athletes solidify their names in record books and in history, each sport especially football, becomes a heated topic when talking about potentially the greatest quarterback of all time.  Particularly two names come to mind when talking about the greatest. New England Patriots Tom Brady and Former San Francisco 49ers Joe Montana are the center of the argument.

Some fans even argue the case for who is better even though they do not play for their favorite team, junior Carter Moore a Chiefs fan who actually dispices Brady, makes the case as for why Brady is considered the greatest.

“Even though I hate how good he is, he has done a lot with less talent and that is why he has five Superbowl rings to prove it,” said Moore.

For some, Superbowl rings are not the only thing to determine the greatness of the position and that individual talent and skills are the determining factor of the talk for the greatest of all time and junior Tyler Laboi strays away from the talk between Brady and Montana and believes that Green Bay Packer, Aaron Rodgers is the greatest but not just based on quantity of rings.

“Even though he has one ring, Rodgers shows more athletic ability and and skill in my opinion than Brady and Montana,” said Laboi.

For junior Rayne Moore, he thinks that both quarterbacks are not even close to the discussion and is strongly convinced that Montana beats both out by a mile.

“Brady and Rodgers are really good but, Montana gets the title of greatest of all time because he was a ‘’clutch’’ player in the roughest times of football when it was more physical and less rules,” said Rayne Moore.

Although not one singular quarterback can be zoned out as the greatest of all time, the art of football fanatics debating about who the greatest quarterback of all time is something that will be continued as a tradition as long the moncho sport is still evolving and gaining more talent every day.